Jinn - Installation info
Jinn - Total Conversion for MythII:Soulblighter

What is Jinn?

Jinn is a total conversion for the Myth II engine. It is the most ambitious refitting of the Myth II engine to date.

The story is set in an alternate universe, during a time of immense political and religious strife between three warring cultures.


What are the system requirements?

We reccommend a system with 128Mb RAM, 300 Mb of hardrive space, and an 800x600 display. General rule is, if you can play MythII and you have at least 128 Mb of RAM you're fine.

We've been testing and developing Jinn with RevC/D iMacs and 90 megabytes of RAM allocated to the Myth II application.


How do I install Jinn?

Step 0:
Update your copy of MythII to at least version 1.3. Information and files on this can be found at www.bungie.net .

Step 1:
In this archive you will find a file called "Jinn_1.0". Take this file and place it in your "plugins" folder within your MythII folder.

Step 2:
Within your "plugins" folder you will find Bungie's "Patch 1.3" file. remove this to an alternative but safe location within your computer hard drive where it may be retreived at a later date.

Step 3:
Now you get to use our new tool called "PluginPatcher". This will take the "international small install" tag file within your "tags" folder (in the MythII folder), and patch it to make Jinn stable. The patch file that PluginPatcher will use is called "intsmall_patch". Now lets do it:

- Applying the "intsmall_patch" -

a) Open "PluginPatcher" included with the Jinn download.

b) Make sure the "Apply Patch" tab has been selected.

c) Click the "Browse" button in the "Original Plugin" group. An "Open" dialog
box should appear, allowing you to choose "international small install" in MythII/tags/

d) Next, click the "Browse" button in the "Patch File" group. Another "Open"
dialog box will appear. This time you want to choose the
"intsmall_patch" patch file. The patch
file contains all of the changes needed to bring your original plugin up to date.

e) Go into the Finder and open up the tags folder (MythII/tags/). Move the original "international small install" to an alternative but safe directory/folder.

f) Finally, click the "Apply" button. A "Save As" dialog will appear, allowing
you save the patched "international small install" straight to your Myth II tags folder. Do not change the name, make sure it is "international small install", otherwise MythII will fail to work.

Step 4:
There is a "cutscenes" folder within the Jinn install folder. Copy this folder over to your MythII directory. This will allow you to see our neat smacker cutscenes.

Step 5:
Understand and agree to the fact that you are using Jinn at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any problems, faults or general malfunctioning of equipment caused or suspected of being caused by Jinn or any part thereof. You are agreeing to this by downloading and or installing Jinn . <g>

Step 6:
You're set. Play Jinn.


Jinn is broken ... where can I get help?

Fortunately we have a Jinn forum at Vista. If you come across a bug, need help with a mission, would like to make something with Jinn stuff, or would just like to discuss Jinn in general ... this is the place. Otherwise drop an email to jinn@vistacartel.com


Jinn features:

• 200 megs of goodness.

• 7 New solo missions, 5 new multiplayer.

• Totally refitted MythII interface.

• Two major new tools for furtherment of 3rd party development.

• Extensive use of models for captivating environments.

• New narration music and ingame dialogue.

• Many secrets and easter eggs.